5 Ways to Sparkle all the way through the New Year! + GIVEAWAY!

January 9, 2019



Hey Luxies! 

Can you believe we are about to hit double digits in the new year already?! Time is already speeding up. So I just want to give you all a few tips for this month that I use myself to start January off right and set the tone for the rest of the year. LLux life can be simple, you just have to be strategic. Here are 5 ways that you can sparkle & shine all year long! 



1. Clean out your closet and make room for a few amazing pieces. ----A new year is a great way to start fresh. The best way to clear your mind is to clear your closet! At least for me it is. Sometimes too many unnecessary things can make you feel anchored. Clearing out things you don't need or use, allows for room for exciting new pieces. One of my favorite quotes says: "You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it. "I always keep that in mind when it comes to my closet. If it's not a basic necessity, or a power piece that makes me feel like a boss, I let it go.


2. Make sure you have a go-to highlighter in your make up kit. — I love a fresh face, but nothing says “New year, new glow” like a perfectly highlighted cheekbone when you do glam up. So make sure you have one in your makeup bag. Highlighters really made an impact in 2018 and they aren’t going anywhere in 2019. So find your favorite and love it hard. My personal favs are the Fenty Killawatt Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby and the Amrezy Anastasia of Beverly Hills Highlighter.

3. Brighten your smile and instantly feel like your ready to take on every day. —More than anything else, I get the most compliments on my smile :). Something I always make a priority. Being able to smile genuinely and confidently can actually improve your mood. Smiling also makes you more attractive. Physically yes, but it also attracts people to you in a positive way. You never know what important connection could be made just because of a warm approachable smile. You want to be great at networking? Start with a smile! Smile Brilliant and I are teaming up to give one of you a sparkling smile for the new year! See more details below!



4. Get a facial and refresh your skin. Make skin care a priority through out the year. — It used to seem like, people either wore make up or they didn’t. The people that didn’t, usually had nice skin and didn’t really need to. And the people that wore make-up would hate to be seen without it. Well times have changed and makeup is now more of what it should be, just an accessory. An added way to enhance your natural beauty. I think people are taking skincare a lot more seriously these days and realizing that what’s under the makeup matters the most. And when you wipe it all alway, you want to be able to be proud of your bare face. So take time for skincare. Treat yourself to a facial or some quality skincare products. There’s nothing like glowing beautiful skin. You will love yourself for it. 


​5. Start your day with a good devotional or book that will uplift you. — You can’t shine brightly unless your soul is on fire! (I think I just made that quote up! @ me if you steal it! ;)). But seriously, take care of your heart, soul and insides. What is within will come out. So if you really want to sparkle, brush the dust off of your soul and whatever is weighing on you and read something that helps you renew your mind and spirit. Not only will it help you, but you will be a better person to others. Find your light! #LookINforLux/ #LookINforLIGHT 





All of the suggestions in this blog post are all things you can do yourself in your own way. But Smile Brilliant and I want to give one of you a jumpstart with a free whitening kit!


Click on the link below to enter my giveaway!!


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Wishing you all BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL 2019!




Lauren Lux 


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