Exposing My Flaws

August 16, 2018

Despite going back and forth about sharing this with everyone I know (and possibly don't know). I just went ahead and clicked "PUBLISH".


I pride myself in being a very honest and authentic person. I don't lie to people or try to be a fake version of myself. I'm just ME. If you've met me and know me, that person that you interact with is truly who I am. I'm very straight forward, I don't like to sugar coat. I appreciate authenticity from other people and will give the same to you. 


But there is just this ONE thing that I do hide behind. And it wasn't until recently that I really started to look at it as hiding, which started feeling like I wasn't being totally honest. People have complimented me in the past on my skin and how "flawless" it is. And I'm always just shocked (in my own head) because I'm really thinking, "You have no idea!". My skin is far from perfect. But I wasn't going to go out of my way and tell everyone I meet, "Hey, my skin is actually a HOT MESS!". So instead I just smile and say, "Thank you". I started thinking, is that deceiving? Because I cover my imperfections and just let people perceive that I don't have any, am I really being truthful and as authentic as I think I am? 


Now, I'm not saying that certain things shouldn't be private and kept to yourself. Because the world doesn't need to know all of your business, or mine. And up until now this has been something that I have just kept to myself and close family as private business. But as someone who now shares a lot more through blogging and social media, I thought it's important to be transparent about my story and journey I have been on with my skin. I share many highlights and great moments but I also have my struggles. 


Sharing this is not to beat myself up, bring myself down or sulk in my struggle. I'm just simply at a place now that it doesn't define who I am. It's a part of me and now I'm just letting go of the things it's held me back from. Now that it's out there, it won't be a secret I have to keep. And that's freeing for me! :) I challenge myself daily to do things that scare me. And I can definitely say this was scary to think about at first. But I'm checking it off my list. Now there is nothing about myself that I can't own and stand in. This is me. This is my story. 






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