"Switch it up" Style- 2 Looks 1 Boot

February 21, 2018

I love a good staple piece like these metallic boots. The only down side is once you wear something that stands out, it feels like you can't really wear it too much. Fortunately, I was inspired with many different ideas on what I could wear when I bought these boots.


For this post I decided to focus on how one casual look can easily transition into another without looking like the same exact outfit. Obviously the boots are the same and I even used the same pants. All I did was switch up the top, add a jacket, a statement necklace and BOOM. 2 different looks with the same stand out piece.


 This idea was actually inspired by the very visual lifestyle I live as a blogger. There have been days that I go to more than one event in one day. And since photos are always a part of the blogger/influencer lifestyle, who wants to be caught in the same outfit twice in different settings? It may seem crazy I know, but I've been known to do crazy things for the sake of a photo lol (I know some of you can relate!). So don't plan out two outfits if you don't have to. Find an easy way to switch things up for a new look. This comes especially useful when changing in the car. I thought was over after my college days but it still happens on occasion. We've all been there when trying to have a social life during the week and working. But Boss Babes make it happen! Cheers to the ladies making moves and still Lookin' fly! This is for you...









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