| BLACK & WHITE | Transitioning to fall style while it's still 90+ degrees outside. #Westcoast

October 16, 2017

Fall is probably my favorite season. But living in Arizona, it can be a long wait to wear your favorite sweater that you love. Most of the time I just stare at them in the closet or wear them around the house because I get cold with the A/C on. If this sounds foreign to, you probably live where you are already enjoying, falling leaves and your favorite boots. Over here on the West Coast, it feels more like gorgeous summer days rather than fall. 


Getting ready everyday during this kind weather can be confusing at times. I'm ready to switch things up and embrace fall, but it feels odd when the sun is shining bright and still giving me end of summer vibes even well into October. So everyday I mix it up. A little bit of summer a little bit of fall. I try to embrace both. 


My black and white look here is a perfect example of that. Wearing a darker color during the day is something I usually don't do when the weather is warm. But this black tie-up t-shirt dress is perfect for the in-between weather. It's cool enough for the higher temperatures but can easily work with leggings and boots when the weather cools down more. 



Although traditional fashion rules say, no white after labor day, I beg to differ. Incorporating white and lighter colors mixed with darker colors is the perfect way to survive through the in-between seasons. 


I paired my t-shirt dress with these white open-toe white sandal booties. They are in the style of boots but with cut-outs accommodating higher temperatures. I'm contemplating getting them in every color! 




This look is my kind of go-to outfit for just any day in the life of a fashionista. A comfortable

t-shirt dress, backpack purse with killer (yet comfortable) heels for some extra flare. I'm ready to take on any day in this look!




Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Simmi

Backpack Purse: Target

Choker: Charlotte- Russe

Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot


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