LUX LOCKS: 3 Easy Steps to Sleek, Luxurious Hair at Home.

July 28, 2017

I am SO excited about this blog post! Since I was 5 years old I've been getting my hair straightened. Yes, I know this was not the healthiest thing for my hair (One day I'll share my hair journey with you all). But I've always loved the feeling of soft, bouncy straight hair! Don't get me wrong, I love my curls, but switching it up and getting silky straight hair every once in awhile makes me feel like a whole new woman. 


Due to time restraints, it can be hard for me to get to the salon. I love the whole experience of getting my hair done but it's just not something I can maintain all of the time. So it's always a treat for me to go when I can. I was always in awe at how much more silky and flowy my hair would feel compared to when I would do it myself at home. I've gotten better over the years but I hate the blow-drying process. This is always where I felt that I went wrong. If I didn't blow-dry properly, I was never happy with the results and all of my time and efforts were in vain. My hair would either end up poofy and dry or too oily due to putting too much product in, trying to aid in the straightening. It was a constant struggle. 


In the recent few years, I've tried to have my hair done professionally more often then I have in the past. Nothing compared to the average person. I'm talking like, once every 3 months maybe, lol. During this time, thanks to my two amazing stylists, I was introduced to the brand, It's a 10. They were raving about it and I said I should try it out for myself. Plenty of time went by and eventually I got around to buying the leave-in conditioner. It was a tiny bottle for $15 so I was thinking, this better be GREAT for as much as it cost. Truthfully, I liked it a lot and my stylist said, "wait until you try it with the shampoo and conditioner". Being a curly girl, I'm used to mixing and matching many different products and brands to get my desired look. I don't have just one go-to line that meets all my needs. But here I am, with a new outlook on hair care, and here to tell you, It's a 10 is just that! 10/10. 


Here are the 3 easy steps: 



1. Wash, condition and use the leave-in conditioner all by It's a 10. (I chose to use the leave-in conditioner plus Keratin) The product really is the secret! This alone changed the game for me. Rinse with cold water for extra shine!


2. Blow-dry as normal. And I do mean as normal or abnormal as you would like. In the pictures shown here, my arms were tired and I did the laziest blow-drying I've ever done, literally. I split my hair in only 2 sections and used the comb attachment on my blow dryer and just combed through. I usually do about 4-6 sections to get close to the root of the hair and eliminate frizz. However, even after being lazy, it still turned out great. So to my surprise, you really can't mess up this part.


3. Straighten using small sections. From my experience, you don't need the highest temperature of heat on your hair to get it straight. Using small sections allows a normal heat temperature to penetrate the strands enough to get it straight running it over the strands just one time. Avoid using additional product that will weigh the hair down. Everyone's hair is different but at least try to straighten it one time just with the leave-in conditioner. So many other times , I was using polishers and other oils in my hair for shine and to aid in the straightening process. But with this product I was able to get rid of all of that and get hair that I love with less steps and little effort. 


That's it! I didn't believe it myself but I am SOLD now. I will still go to the salon to get my hair done from time to time because it's like getting a facial or a massage. I just love it. But it's so nice to know that in a pinch, or just whenever I want to, I can get shiny locks that I love at home! 

In the photos here, I need a trim terribly, I can't keep my flyaways down, I snapped these pictures with only an iPhone, and I still think it looks amazing! Simple and easy, which is great for my busy lifestyle.


Please be sure to let me know if you try this! I would love to hear about your results since we are all unique. Tag me on instagram, @lauren.lux or share on the lookinforlux Facebook page HERE

I can't wait to try more products from their line! As always, you all will be the first to know my thoughts :) 


This joins my list of Holy Grail products! What is your holy grail hair routine?


Let me know!





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