May 16, 2017


I can still taste the lemonade! After being home a few weeks, back to normal busy life, I didn't even have time to blog about on our experience at Coachella. I kept kicking myself for not writing this blog post sooner. But now that I've actually had some time to look back, I feel like I was able to soak it all in and it's now a memory instead of just a recent event. And the memories from a great time are so much better than just the feeling of, "oh yea I did that last weekend". I have so many pictures and videos of moments that will remain priceless and probably too many to share. But of course I will give you all a snapshot of the weekend and the looks I put together. The fashion was crazy-amazing! That was half the fun. Plus I love to people watch anyway so it was very entertaining lol. Eric was there strictly for the music experience, and I was basically there for everything else, haha. I just love being out at festivals, soaking in the sun, drinking something refreshing, dressing up and taking a ton of blog worthy photos. It was EVERYTHING! The music was great too. There were only a few people that I HAD to see, NAO and Kehlani, and those performances gave me life! I enjoyed a lot of others but because I'm so short, I was easily annoyed with the crowd.  Thankfully, I've gotten really good at maneuvering my way to the front. But the pushing, and sweaty people almost had me losing it a couple times. Once I was able to break free and walk around in the open field, I felt like a free bird again. It was definitely a very intense yet amazing experience all at once. 

Day 1



 Day 1: 


This was our shortest day that felt like the longest day. We traveled all morning, got to our hotel and just hung out for a little bit. I was anxious to get there, not wanting to miss anything, while Eric was perfectly fine at the hotel for awhile (he's a homebody). Thank goodness we waited because by the end of the night, I didn't know if I could make it 2 more days! Day 1, my hair is down, touching my back and I was so HOT! I wore my most comfortable wedges, because that's all I could wear since I wanted to wear these long flowy pants. That day I found out they weren't all that comfortable (*insert crying emoji). I was in so much pain by the end of the night. All in the name of fashion, smh. Lesson learned. 


Outfit details:

Hat, crop top, and pants all from Nordstrom (Savvy Dept.)

Day 2

 Floral crown: H&M

 Sandals: Nordstrom- Steve Madden

Backpack purse: Target; Sunglasses: Boutique


 Day 2: 


I was much more prepared for the events of the day. Even though this was the longest day we spent out at the festival, I enjoyed every minute of it. I curled my hair to keep it off my back some, my flower crown kept my hair out of my face, and I had on flats (yes, I wised up). After the first day I was nervous that I was too old for this lol. I'm not 18 anymore and my energy level is not the same. But I was in full Coachella mode feeling like a 70's flower child living out memories I could tell my kids about. It was so much fun. I love being in character and dressing up. Everyone is just out there to have a good time and be who they want to be or dress how they want to dress. No judgements, just free, vibin' to good music. 


Having a backpack was key. I had my small camera, phone, portable charger, tissues, a few other random things and I was set. We spent the whole day just enjoying the whole experience. We were right in the crowd during the sets we really wanted to see, and during down time we headed back to VIP to chill. By the end of the night we were so exhausted but fulfilled by our experiences. Ready for one more day. 


Outfit details: 

Top: "The Boutique"

Shorts: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Nordstrom

Accessories: H&M- Flower crown, Target- Backpack, Sunglasses- a local boutique

Day 3



 Day 3: 


I was ready to end Coachella with a bang. We spent most of the day seeing as many performances as possible. I threw my hair up in two buns, put on an easy, cool outfit with my backpack of necessities and we were ready to rock. For my last look, I wore combat boots. Which was the best decision I made the whole time. I stopped worrying about rocks in my shoes, I could walk through some mud or wet grass if I needed too and best of all, I wasn't as upset when people spilled water and drinks in the crowd. Not to mention, while we waited to see Dj Khaled, the security in the front was throwing water bottles into the crowd without the caps on. Water was going everywhere. He was right near me and I was getting soaked for about 30 min straight. Thank goodness for my buns that day, because any other day I would have been a hot frizzy-haired mess! Being able to be carefree while still rockin' my Coachella fashion made it that much more fun. I would definitely suggest future Coachella goers to pick out looks that are cute but practical if you want to really enjoy the experience. It looks like a great outdoor fashionable event but if you plan on actually getting in there with the crown, it can be a nasty, dusty, sweaty place so plan accordingly lol. 


Outfit details: 


Halter top: Hollister 

Cover-up: Xi Clothing

Shorts: Xi clothing (available only in AZ, CA and Vegas)

Boots: Nordstrom

Choker: Burlington (of all places! I did not know they had cute stuff like that!)



More photos below! 









 Thank you COACHELLA! We will be back! 




Lauren Lux


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