*Grammy's 2017*

February 20, 2017

I've been to quite a few award shows in the past. Every experience has been unique but I absolutely love them! First of all, I just love a good excuse to dress up. The sparkle, the glam, red carpets and amazing lighting! It feels like my happy place :)  I wanted to keep things simple and elegant so I chose a black dress with classic lace. My dress was long with a high slit for just an added pop. For my makeup, I also kept it soft with a little edge. Nude on the lips and smokey on the eyes. Minimal jewelry and just a clutch bag.


My first thought was to wear something extremely sparkly and long (that's more my style) but the seats are extremely close together, isles are tight and let's be honest, I don't have an entourage that will carry my train to the front row. So I chose comfort and classic over anything else and I'm so glad I did. It's a long show! Plus, the bathrooms aren't anything fancy either since it's just in staples center. So I was very glad that I didn't have any wardrobe issues slowing me down for any reason. I was able to really just relax and enjoy the show.



This year, there were so many magical moments. Ed Sheeran gave a great performance, he sounds so good live it's crazy. Beyonce' performed while pregnant with twins, which will never happen again. Bruno was giving me liiiiiiiiife the entire show! And Chance the Rapper took us to CHURCH and worshipped Jesus on the biggest night of the year so far! I was loving it! 


Of course I took you all with me and I'm bringing you a few inside looks of my views for the evening.


*I took videos of most of the performers I liked. I wasn't totally thinking, but because of copyright laws, I'm not sure if I can actually post them to youtube and share them here. So for now, Enjoy a few pictures and comment with your questions.*


Adele looked absolutely gorgeous and she was such a gracious winner. She was sitting at the end of my row and right on the other side, sat Beyonce' with tears running down her face as she and Adele had a moment. It was actually beautiful to see. She was just as gracious and clearly humbled. Yes, there's many that argue that Beyonce' should have won album of the year. But, all I saw were two very talented women who deeply respect each other and their great talent. 

 To end the night, Chance had a powerful performance with Kirk Franklin plus the one and only Tamela Mann! I could barely get any good footage because of Mr. camera man and also because I was jumping out of my seat! Right after the performance, Chance returned to his seat which was just in the row behind us. He was still so pumped up with adrenaline from his performance. You could tell that he probably felt like he was dreaming, and that on this night, all his dreams were coming true and he could barely take it all in. You see it on TV, but it was truly something special to witness someone coming in to their blessings and thanking God for it.


The entire night was amazing, but the absolute best part was snagging a picture with my favorite person there, Tori Kelly! She is like my long lost best friend. She's such a talented vocalist and still true to herself and God. I love that she hasn't allowed fame to change who she is and what she stands for. A true representation of class and a true sweetheart. Meeting her absolutely made my night!



If you get to watch a re-run, CASH me at 2 hours and 30 min, HOW BOW DAH ;)


 Checking off one of the many more amazing nights of 2017! Definitely a night to remember! #Grammys2017




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