New Year, New #GOALS

January 7, 2017

 It's a new year and time is already flying! I'm sharing a few of my goals with you all so I can hold myself accountable this year. They say, "put it on paper". Well, I've done that and a little bit more. I'm putting it on the INTERNET lol. We all have seen or probably used the hashtag "#goals" at some point, so let's talk about them. Having goals are really just wants without an action plan. For me, this year is all about ACTION. Time is my biggest obstacle but I'm committed to just starting. Even if things aren't perfect, I'm just going to get it going! If you have something you want to do, don't let overthinking spoil it. This used to hinder me so much, and still can be a struggle but I'm changing it by creating new habits.

PLANNING. Planning out my everyday is something I've already started. I love this mug I found at a cute little boutique in town! When it's my day for blogging, I'm filling this up with coffee or tea and sitting in front of my computer until I finish. It sounds ridiculous but it's so easy to get off track. And the most rewarding thing that I've found so far (even in just a few days into the year) is that I am more satisfied and happier during the day when I can check off my list and accomplish something for myself. I'm very strict on myself about doing what I tell others I will do and showing up for people in my life. It's very important to me. But too often I let my own self down by putting things off and not coming through for ME. This is also true when it comes to eating healthy, sleeping and exercising like I know I should. I know we can all relate to neglecting ourselves in these areas. So here we are, 2017 with a fresh start! I love the opportunity to start again. For the month of January my key goal words are ACTION, PLANNING and CONSISTENCY. My overall goals this year are big. So I'm giving myself only 3 to work on each month and build from there. Pray for me y'all! I have a lot on my plate but I'm excited for what's to come. Who's joining me and committing to goals and habits that last far beyond just the first of the year?? I'm excited to start this year off right and do it in style! 








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